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Hello, my name is Corinne M. Villavaso, I am the Co-founder and President of Voterís East Of The Industrial Canal (VEOTIC). Our Mission is to increase responsible, informed voters, and civic participation through he implementation of creative, educational programs, and awareness events in the City Of New Orleans. We have filmed a PSA with students from Fannie C. Williams and Einstein Charter schools encouraging adults to vote.  Please click the link above to view our commercial and PLEASE share it as widely as possible so that we will  all stay engaged. We welcome and encourage your participation in VOETIC. Please contact us at 504 905 2892....

Voterís East Of The Industrial Canal ( VEOTIC )

Mission:  To increase responsible, informed voters, and civic participation through the implementation of creative, educational programs, and awareness events in the areas east of the Industrial Canal.

Goals: By effectively combining the efforts of your local community centers under one organization, serve the people who live and work in Eastern New Orleans in positive and life changing ways.

- Hold Political leaders Accountable
- Contest for a state of the art and quality healthcare
- Reduce blight
- Promote beautification
- Purge nuisance businesses
- Support neighbor-to-neighbor relationships
- Encourage  quality economic development
- Work with the City and the NORD commission to ensure that parks are clean, safe and has a healthy environment, in addition to providing adequate recreational programs for our youth and elderly.
- Build relationships among businesses, neighborhood, and non-profit organizations
- Attract quality retail and amenities


Our main objective is to educate young adults about the importance of voting and to emphasize, what we believe is, our greatest civic duty in order to stress the importance that ONE vote can make a difference. By highlighting the changes in our governmental processes and through introducing complex ideas in an accessible, user-friendly way, we impart knowledge that will help to define how young adults think about their individual voices in the scheme of our Democratic Nation. We hope to galvanize the youth to actively participate in the upcoming election via early voting. We want to energize young adults to stand up and vote for what they believe in. Our aspiration is to assist in creating a future where apathy is a distant memory of the past.

- Offer resources for collaborative, participatory planning processes
- Organize grassroots participation
- Track, record and report code violators and petition for resolutions from the City to ensure that the codes and the laws are enforced.
Facilitate dialogue to build consensus
Work effectively with City agencies
Enhance information exchange
Improving the Quality of Life for t Residents and Businesses by iIncreasing Citizen Participation and Voice in issues and decision-making processes affecting the New Orleans East community, by linking people and organizations.
Cultivate harmonious relationships between residents and developers such that development is consistent with the character and history of the area and our stated objectives.
- Promote public awareness and education of issues affecting residents and business owners.
Serve as a conduit between residents, developers, and the City Of New Orleans government agencies.
Participate and influence decisions in development of the Cityís Capital improvement and Operational budget .

Recommended Committees

  • Economic Development

  • Medical and Health Care Services

  • Housing

  • ∑Land Use and Zoning

  • Quality Of Life

  • Blight

  • Code Enforcement

  • Voterís registration and Participation

  • Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces

  • Public Safety (Crime)

  • Infrastructure

  • Grants and Funding

  • Environmental Quality






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