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Barbara Johnson
New Orleans Project Director Fast Forward Main Street

Among the many organizations and individuals working to rebuild, restore and reposition New Orleans East, Fast Forward Main Street, a private national non-profit organization, has also been brought on board to provide technical assistance for small businesses located within Districts 9, 10, and 11.   As one of four selected project cities, New Orleans met the criteria as a distressed community due to the disaster of hurricane Katrina. With that, a small business support initiative was launched providing one-on-one coaching and group workshops aimed at improving business performance and net profits.  In the process an advisory committee comprised of civic and business leaders was created to support the initiative and enhance the overall business environment within the community.  The advisory committee also guides 'working groups' that have formed and identified four specific goals to be obtained within the two-year time frame. 
Those goals of the working groups are:

Goal #1: Reduce abandoned and unsightly lots and vacant commercial properties by September 2012. Team Members are Sylvia Scineaux-Richard (Chair), Corinne Ducre, John Filostrat, Tremekia Jones, Ed Washington, Greg Hamilton and Barbara Johnson.
Goal #2: Attract three big box retailers by September 2011. Team members are Gary Silbert (Chair), Greg Rigamer, Troy Henry, Igwe Udeh, Cynthia Beaulieu, Andrea West, Wiley Barrett, and Emile Paradis.
Goal #3: Create a partnership of technical colleges and others to provide training for New Orleans East businesses by December 2010. Team members are Robin Barnes (Chair), Carmen Sunda, Jason Burns, Mary Anne Schmidt, and Nakisha Knott.
Goal #4: Develop and implement a branding and marketing campaign that promotes New Orleans East as a great place to live, work and play by September 2012. Team members are Cliff Robinson (Chair), Bryan Trosclair, Barry Keegan, Bruce Brailsford, and Lisa Stafford.

Each of the working groups are generating outputs and initiatives, individually and collectively to further the goals of the committee. Most importantly, the process has solicited and obtained participants not only from within the New Orleans East area, but from across the city as a whole.  This broad base expertise, focused on the revitalization of a community, is creating an important 'think tank' and a model worthy of duplicating. 
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