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Presented by
Fast Forward Restart, Inc.

Free Workshop: May 14, 15, 21 and 22, 2013 
Next scheduled workshops to be announced
DISCovering Your Referral Network:
Want to grow your business?  Take advantage of this unique opportunity, in a series of four information packed sessions May 14, 15, 21 and 22,  to learn a  proven system of developing quality referrals  from the experts through the Referral Institutes Certified Networker series. One or two quality referrals  can result in a dramatic 20-30%  growth  in your business.  The sessions, sponsored by Fast Forward Restart, in partnership with SUNO, Inc. will be held at  NOLA-Entrepreneurship Center , 7240 Crowder, Suite 311, New Orleans, LA  70127.  To register,  please email debra@fastforwardrestart.org or 404-309-7352.




Learn from national experts on building effective business relationships.
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Getting business referrals is based on building meaningful relationships.  Understanding the needs of others is fundamental to this process and understanding the personality (behavior style) of others is key to building meaningful relationships.  If we understood people better and HOW they like to refer business, wouldn't that make the referral process much easier?

How much could a process to improve your understanding in this area impact your bottom line?

Register now and learn the secrets of better business relationships and start developing referral partnerships that work.  At this workshop you will learn...

     about all 4 of the behavioral styles defined by the DISC Model

    how to quickly determine an individual's most dominant behavioral style

    how to treat your referral partners the way they want to be treated

    how to establish effective referral relationships

Join us to learn and network as part of the fast growing and fast moving New Orleans East business community.


















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