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Date:    Saturday August 03, 2013
Place: Joe W. Brown Park Victory Track Stadium
Time:  9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Entry Fee: $5.00 per competitor
Registration: July 19 through August 2, 2013
Participants need to be registered by August 2, 2013.
A Special Thank You to our Sponsors for making this possible !!!!
Liberty Bank and Harrah's Casino
5K Race/Walk
100M * 200M * 400M Long Jump * Triple Jump
800M *1600M * 3200M Shot Put * Javelin
4x 100M relay 4x 400M relay
Annual All Comers Track Meet 2013
Uniforms and Equipment:
All participants should wear some type of gym clothing. Shoes must be worn.
No spikes, cleats or shoes with removable cleats, even if cleats are removed.
All equipment will be provided. Practice batons will not be available. Batons for relay will be provided.
Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. 1ST ANNUAL VICTORY LANE TRACK CLASSIC REGISTRATION FORM
Competition Rules:
Field events will be run first. Track events will be run after the all field events have concluded. When a track or field event is called, the contestant must report to the Clerk of the Course for the event. Participants who miss their call for their events may be scratched.
Track Events:
In the 100 and 200 meter races the number of entries will determine whether heat races will be held prior to the finals. If heats are needed, the fastest 2 or 3 runners in each heat, depending on the number of entries, will qualify for the finals. One false start is permitted per participant.
You must form your relay team independently. Each member of the relay team must include all 4 names of team members on their registration form. Birth year of oldest child on the team will determine team division. A relay team may be allowed to use up to 2 participants from any lower age division.
Field Events:
Softball Throw, each contestant will throw the ball three times and the longest throw will count.
Long Jump, each contestant will get 1 practice run through and three recorded jumps. The longest jump will count.
High Jump is limited to 12 contestants in each division because of the length of time necessary to run the event. Each contestant gets three chances to clear the bar at the starting height. The bar is then raised and each is given three attempts at the next height and so on. If a contestant fails to clear the bar in three attempts, they are eliminated. Awards are given to those who clear the bar at the highest level in the fewest attempts.
Additional Rules:
Although this is a recreational meet, we will be adhering to standard guidelines for running and judging track and field events. The focus of this meet is exposure and participation while enabling out exceptional athletes a chance to go further. Parents and athletes are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship throughout the meet. Decision of the judge is FINAL. No substitutes, alternates or changes are possible after August 3, 2013.
Any questions, please call the Meet Director at (504) 267-1414.
Thank You.
LAST NAME: ________________________________
FIRST NAME_______________________________
PHONE #: ( )_____-__________ BIRTHDATE: ____/____/____ MALE: _____ FEMALE:_________
SCHOOL: ______________________________________ GRADE:_______________________________
EVENT 1:_______________________________________
EVENT 2: ______________________________
RELAY TEAM NAME: ____________________________________________________________________
Relay Participants (Please list entire team)
Last Name First Name
1.________________________ ________________________
2.________________________ ________________________
3.________________________ ________________________
4.________________________ ________________________
Every participant on the relay team needs to register at the same time.
If all 4-relay participants are not registered or forms are not completed, registration will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
If participant is under 18 this form must be signed by the Parent or Guardian.
LAST NAME: ________________________________ FIRST NAME: ____________________________


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