Legislators Speak to a Full House   State Legislative Town Hall
Clifford Robinson March 14, 2015   NOLAEast.com    


Top: State Representatives Wesley Bishop, Austin  Badon and State Senator/J P Morrell.
Legislators address a full house
Bottom: Royce Duplessis, J.D. Moderator


Legislators field questions on a host of topics from constituents.

Voters East Of The Industrial Canal organized a legislative town hall  to allow voters to pose questions directly to the legislative body governing the area.  State Senator, J P Morrell, representing District 3, State Representative Austin Badon, representing District 100 and State Representative Wesley Bishop, representing District 99 were on hand to address the issues. Topics on the agenda for discussion included the following:

Health Care
Environmental Justice
Levee Protection
Insurance Rates
Economic Recovery For Working Families
Tax Credit and Incentives
Public Safety
Foreclosure Mitigation
Increased Financial Accountability
Economic Development
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