CVS Opens in Lower Ninth Ward   First major retailer since Hurricane Katrina
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CVS leads the way for future retailers in Lower 9th Ward

City officials and CVS executives brought community leaders and residents together in the Lower 9th Ward to celebrate the opening of the new CVS Pharmacy at 5000 N. Claiborne Ave. on Friday, May 19, 2016. CVS is the first major retailer to open in the Lower 9th Ward since hurricane Katrina and is a major show of support and confidence in the area. CVS Area Vice President, Roger Francis noted that it was just over 10 years ago that the CVS corporation was on the front lines providing aid during the recovery efforts and is now proud to be a part of the recovery of the Lower Ninth Ward. Councilmember, James Gray and Councilmember-at-large, Jason Williams both expressed gratitude and acknowledged the residents for their endurance and commitment to the community.

In a surprisingly and touching moment, Mayor Mitch Landrieu was greeted by "The Clock Lady", Margie Shorty, a woman he had literally helped rescue in a boat during the aftermath of Katrina.  As the mayor describes it, 'she had nothing but the clothes on her back and this big clock around her neck'. Margie explained, 'I had nothing and didn't know nothing, but I knew what time it was'.

The 13,000 square foot store, with drive-thru service and wide range of products, stands bright and tall as beacon of hope in the community. It's light will undoubtedly attract additional retailers and services to the area - writing one more success story  in the history of New Orleans.













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