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Council District E Community Meeting   April 8, 2015

"This is going to be the best place to live in the next five years..."

      Henry Coaxum    
New Orleans East Business Owner & Resident   

Clifford Robinson April 8,, 2015   NOLAEast.com    



Left: Councilman James Gray | Right: Mario Garner, CEO NOE Hospital addresses audience

Henry Coaxum, Resident & Business Owner

Top left: NOE Hospital CEO Mario Garner
Top right Councilman James Gray fields questions
Side top:
Larry J. Rivarde, Managing Director, Audubon Zoo & Park
Side middle: Councilman Gray and NOLABA Representative, Brenda Canada
Bottom middle:7th District Commander Dupree


Councilman James Gray - Distrct E Host Community Meeting

A number of topics were discussed at the April 8, 2015 District E Community Meeting hosted by Councilman James Gray.  Guests included representatives from DOTD, NOE Hospital, NOLA Business Alliance and Audubon Institute.  Topics of  discussion included the following:

Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) Adoption Timeline
Joe W. Brown Pool
Front Door Project on Michoud Blvd. - Underway
Crowder Retail Center - New stores
Six Flags Site - Open-ended RFP
Almonaster Landfill
NOLA Business Alliance
The Plaza Shopping Center site
World Trade Center Redevelopment
Audubon Institute Nature Center Timeline
7th District NOPD Manpower
DOTD - Chef Hwy I-10 Overpass Repair Timeline
New Orleans East Hospital - CEO Marion Garner
Commercial Blight
For additional information contact: New Orleans City District E
504 658-1050
or post your questions and comments at NOLAEast.com









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