New Orleans Lakefront Airport Restoration Leaves A Gem on The Shore of Lake Pontchartrain in Eastern New Orleans

September 28, 2013 by NewOrleansEast.com

The New Orleans Lakefront Airport, built in 1933, served as the major commercial airport for the city until 1946. The magnificent restoration has returned the famed Walnut Room and Runway Cafe.

One of several murals painted by depression-era artist, Xavier Gonzales.


The restoration returned, in meticulous detail, the Art-Deco grandeur of the 1933  terminal - making it one of only a few still in existence today.



Lakefront Airport begins a new era of service post Katrina
Although Lakefront Airport has always been considered one of the most active charter and recreational airports in the country, it's role post hurricane Katrina takes it up several notches. The rebuilding and addition of Fixed Based Operators (FBO) - providing private aircraft services has dramatically enhanced the landscape both visually and economically. Coupled with the glorious restoration of the main terminal building and the city's growth in tourim, a new era has begun for this beautiful lake shore in Eastern New Orleans.




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